On Finishing My Debut Worship Record

I did it. I finally finished this record! Okay, so I made some EP’s with bands and a couple full length albums through my teens and early 20’s and I’ve done some projects through the church even, but this is the first worship project I’ve ever done with all original songs that was self funded, self promoted, self coordinated, self…yeah!

I loved doing it. I really hope I get to do it again! All of the stars kind of had to align for this to happen. It ended up being the perfect timing in life to do it too. It didn't come without some sacrifice though. I spent a lot of hours working on songs and getting them ready, coordinating musicians/good friends’ schedules and just trying to squeeze the most out of every second we had when we had the mics live.

Several times I wondered if I was crazy for spending so much time and money to record, but ultimately and over and over again I decided that writing is a part of who I am and these meaningful lyrics were important to the culture I wanted to express to the world around me - the people in my life. Hearing my own kids sing the “Fruit of the Spirit” and seeing them get that it wasn't just a song or something from the Bible, but that it's a part of what Dad's about... It's what our family is about ...or at least what we try to be about ("Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control ohh wooah").

I have yet to find a medium more inspiring for me personally than that of music. For someone like me that has a very active mind and is constantly trying to think about the "big picture" it’s a great challenge to bottle up those thoughts into a strict syllable allotment and rhyming pattern. It helps me absorb and understand some pretty deep thoughts even more so as I wrestle and wrangle them down with pen and paper.

I really want to complete a novel one-day and I’d love to write for film, but I still believe music has a culture to it that’s unique all to itself.  Even if you don’t think of yourself as a “big music fan” you probably still get songs stuck in your head and from time to time find yourself thinking about a lyric or at the very least maybe let a groove and a catchy melody serve as the background theme to a party, housework or other stuff ...you know that you do with your time. Ha! In some way I think the songs of our lives serve as the fabric of our existence. They are telling of the mantra of our days.

Maybe I’m being too lofty going there, but then again maybe it’s just my inner artist showing. I think we all have an inner artist with some big dreams and expectations that many times gets quieted for the sake of things we just have to do because life is hard and there's just stuff we got to do you know? Still, I think everyone has something to offer creatively to the culture around them and for right now this is what I have to offer. These songs are dear to my heart. I’ve slaved over them and each one has a message of hope and love that I want to permeate my life and the lives around me.

They represent what I’ve come to believe about God and what I’ve come to value in my life. The record is available virtually anywhere anyone is used to finding music and if you see me face to face I’ll just give you one. Please, tell anybody you think might be interested in hearing it! I really just want to share my art with the world and hopefully inspire others to make something else that matters to them. I love that art can give us a window into each others' souls like nothing else can. So, yeah, if you’ve had a thought that maybe you’d try your hand at this or that or you’ve been meaning to work on some project I say make time for it and get after it! You never know whose life you might effect or who else you may inspire and plus …it’s so fun!

Thanks to everyone who helped me in the process and I hope you enjoy the record!